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Level 3 Consultant / Instructor / Advisor

on an "as needed basis"

NDT Program set up / Ongoing Management

Decades of experience working in compliance with ASTM / FAA requirements


NDT Instructor / Employee Training

Qualified instructor providing the required training hours as per NAS 410 / SNT-TC-1A. 

Certification Exams

Proctor exams that meet the requirements of a quality manual and customer specifications. General, Specific, and Practical tests.


Third-Party Over-site

Independent review of procedures / manufactures specs.


Written Practice / Quality Manual

Qualification of personnel for certification. Review or develop a your operating procedure.


Procedures / Techniques

Review or develop procedures to outline the inspection process. Delivered in electronic format (typically MS Word) as well as PDF.


External Audits / Vendor Over-site
External audits of your NDT supplier / vendor.

Test Equipment Recommendations

Selection of testing equipment according for your shop needs.

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