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Avionics Engineering

Level I/II/III Certifications as per NAS 410, SNT-TC-1A

The candidate must have the following:


Training / Education hours

Training covers the requirements for each level of qualification defined by the quality program.


Experience hours

Experience hours for all methods are defined in NAS 410, SNT-TC-1A.


Certification exams

Proctor written and practical exams for personnel.

The candidate must pass two written exams and a practical.

General – Closed book test for each method. (multiple choice)


Specific – Open book test of procedures, specifications, codes. (multiple choice)


Practical – Hands on test using the equipment with the procedure and evaluate flawed samples.

NDT Training in Mag Particle, Pentetrant, Ultrasonic and Eddy Current

I utilize ASNT Instructor Power Points


The theory portion of training encompasses the complete NDT body of knowledge on a specific method and level.


Hands on practice

Student are trained using test equipment with an experienced instructor using specific procedures.


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